Friday, 22 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 14

Just as we'd run Act One with props for the first time on Tuesday, we did the same last night for Act Two.

Turning the Pages

Again, Ian, our Stage Manager, was in attendance and raised a few things for me to think about. It's been good to have a fresh perspective on things, especially one so experienced.

Only the camouflage net caused a problem, and we won't be able to rectify that until we get into the Studio for real. We'll also need to find a few more handbags and suitcases for the final scene.

One thing which struck me was how much work people must have been doing between rehearsals. I know what it's like to have to learn lines, and how overwhelming that can be, so to see everyone turning up and relying on their scripts less-and-less is quite heartening. But there's still room for improvement, especially as it will be 'books down' soon.

I'll also need to introduce a degree of stage discipline. Whilst rehearsals have been fairly relaxed and convivial, with a little banter here-and-there and people lounging on the furniture, that won't be happening for real. So we'll need to make things more like actual experience so as to ensure the all aspects of the rehearsals can best prepare the cast.

Prior to the rehearsal, TLPA and I went to look at wedding cakes. Only partially successful, I'd be happy to settle for a swiss roll, but our Queen of Marzipan has today headed to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to get exactly what she wants!

And afterwards, the ladies had fun in the theatre's sewing room as they continued to work out which dress Sue (Anna) will be wearing. Just like learning lines, this is one aspect I can't really help with!

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