Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 16

Having run the play for the first time on Sunday, we were back in the somewhat confined Committee Room last night so changed tack and just did a line run.

Double Act

With no scripts in sight for the first time, it was fairly laid back as everyone sat in a circle and helped themselves to a few nibbles which Ben and I had provided as we went through the play.

There were a fair few hesitations and prompts as I watched the cast wrack their brains - often accompanied by exclamations such as "Don't tell me! I know this, I know this!" - but with two weeks to go, my feelings were of mild nervousness rather than blind panic.

Whilst sessions like last night's will have revealed to each member of the cast what they still need to work on - which, in fairness, is maybe just a scene here or a section there - learning lines is the one thing I can't do for them(!)

Elsewhere, TLPA whisked several people away as she continued working on their costumes. And when a couple of the ladies asked me about my intentions for make-up and hairstyles I was only to glad that TLPA had finished in Wardrobe and was there to help!

Finally, last night saw us pass the halfway mark in terms of potential ticket sales. That's good news, but what's even better is that we haven't even started the big marketing push yet...!

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