Sunday, 3 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 6

Of all the relationships in H&M, none is more important than that of Dan and Caroline. Whilst it is a true ensemble piece, their story forms the fulcrum of the whole play. In addition, the interplay between Chris and Lucy offers several highlights, and these two, of course, have plenty of interaction with their best friends.

The Distance Between Us

You can't really direct chemistry - but it's going to be so important in making these guys' relationships believable and compelling, right from the off - so today was partly about helping create it.

To that end, we worked with just the four actors playing the younger quartet. I started away from the script and asked each couple to interview their partner and find out a few secrets. TLPA and I joined in to make things fair, and by the end of it we'd discovered podium dancing, eight years of ballet lessons and being barred from Spain amongst our peccadilloes(!)

Having made good progress on Act One this week, we mainly focused on the second half today, and after dragging a (single) bed-frame up from the basement, we were able to use it for the first time - despite the occasional creak...

One thing I noticed for the first time today was how well people were taking directions. On reflection, this has been happening with everyone, but maybe due to the more tender nature of some of the scenes we did today, I saw that the suggestions I made were enacted immediately and with gusto.

This is quite humbling in a way and I hope such power doesn't go to my head or I might start dishing out directions for the sake of it - and get that podium dancer to strut their stuff...(!)


KateD said...

Ha ha. You used "peccadilloes"! Fantastique ;0)

Have decided new favourite word this week is "blot".

Matthew Banwell said...

Let's see if we can get "peccadillo" into one of your lines ;-)