Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 7

I gave myself a bit of a night off tonight. Rather than butting in every couple of minutes I, for the most part, allowed everyone to express themselves unemcumbered as we ran through Act One in its entirety. With only Jack (The Waiter) missing, another good turnout resulted in a good, fun evening.

William Hunts for The Cake

This was a chance for the cast to generate some momentum without my interference, and there were times when I caught myself lounging on the sofas that we have in the rehearsal room and just enjoying things.

Only a couple of problems with the blocking came to light, but they were quickly sorted. Elsewhere, Roger (Jack) introduced a very funny new line. The sod.

As well as consolidating the blocking and movements we've been working on for Act One, I introduced the brilliant music which will segue the ends and beginnings of scenes. It was very well received and worked as I'd hoped - though it seems it will be difficult for the cast to resist dancing(!)

Rose Asks the Girls if They've Seen the Cake

That will be the last we see of Act One for a while - and next time we'll introduce props, which a couple of the cast mentioned they thought would be very useful at this point. To think we're still five weeks away from opening, it looked really good tonight - but I began to feel a certain fear that we will get complacent or lose momentum. Moving to Act Two will keep things fresh though, I'm sure...

Aside from the actual business of the play, I presented the business cards, posters and flyers which have all arrived recently. My (currently one-of-a-kind) t-shirt got its public debut too.

The cast grabbed plenty of the marketing materials for their home and work, and we were very fortuitous with timing as the theatre was preparing one of its semi-regular mailshots tonight...

After leaving the rehearsal room - TLPA having stepped up to the role of Assistant Director as we reworked a couple of things she had noticed with our four young friends - I was heartened to find Ivor, Les, KateD and Zena eagerly putting our flyers into the envelopes full of other leaflets that were in the Admin Office and waiting to be sent out soon.

Great stuff.

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