Friday, 8 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 8

After the relative fun and laid-back nature of the last rehearsal, it was back to hard work last night as we began blocking Act Two.

Eyes Down for H&M Bingo

We'd already made some progress on a few scenes from Act Two thanks to the smaller rehearsal sessions we've had, but a few things changed, including a couple of lines from female characters. One was slightly explicit and it was decided by consensus that this was something that a lady just wouldn't say. The other had Caroline referring to herself as a "banana" which sounded quite odd when I heard it out loud(!)

After all the energy (and emotion) of finding the wedding dress yesterday, I was a bit tired so gave a few instructions that I then had to back-track on. Things were also going quite slowly, at which point I became conscious that Ben (Dan) wasn't going to have anything to do, so I had to do a scene out of sequence so as to make sure he hadn't had a wasted journey.

Other than that, and Caroline spilling cold tea on her script, it was a fairly productive but uneventful night. But it was the kind of rehearsal that's necessary to get everything in place so as to allow the creativity and confidence to come forward at a later stage.

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