Sunday, 10 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 9

Rehearsals aren't supposed to be this much fun. Whether it was the sun or KateD's strawberries, it just seemed quite nice today and the members of the cast have now overcome any initial shyness or nervousness and are relaxing amongst one another - both on-stage and off. It's good to see.

Anna Watches as Rose continues to Flap

With a couple of people missing, TLPA and I joined in. Much to my delight, this meant I got to attract the attentions of Caroline (Lucy) but TLPA resisted portraying one of Jack's more intimate moments(!)

Elsewhere, Les (William) gave a textbook example of how to take direction when I made a suggestion about a particular segment which I felt was too subtle. We tried the scene again, and he promptly proceeded to put on a display which will surely steal the show come the time of the run. Evidently on top form this morning, a couple of the script's lewd comments came into question again, but after some discussion, Les found the perfect compromise to both preserve Sue's (Anna's) dignity and enable the joke to still work.

Becky (Caroline) and Ben (Dan) continue to build a trust which will be ever-so-important for them to share, and they worked really well together today, both displaying some lovely changes of emphasis - flowing neatly and naturally from anger to compassion, and from rage to tenderness. Elsewhere, Ben's reaction to a particularly important line of Becky's was completely unexpected, but worked brilliantly and delightfully.

This was another example of moments when my cast are making these characters their own and bringing them to life - outside of my imagination and off the page. This has happened several times before, but there were loads of such moments today - and amazingly, I know there will still be loads more to come...

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