Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Fit For Purpose

Right from the outset, I knew that we would have to do a lot of things ourselves. Indeed, setting a play at a wedding sets the bar quite highly - you really can't get away with anything other than the spectacular - and I never expected the theatre to provide us with many of things we would need to create a lavish spectacle.

I wrote about this with specific reference to costumes in April after the Pre-Production Meeting...

"But it also looks as if we'll be asking our cast for help in supplying some elements - or indeed all - of their own costumes, which I hope potential Auditionees will be alright with.", to have been given so much help and attention over the last few weeks has been both unexpected and brilliant.

Tinker Tailor

Whilst the cast will still be providing some of their own clothes, it's nowhere near as many as I'd expected, as TLPA has been working with Andrew Lowrie and Stewart Snape to find (and customise) some quite lovely items - and, in the case of Jack, some pretty horrible ones too!

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