Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Second (Wedding) Dress Rehearsal

After drama involving clients, typos, crashing print servers and exasperated phone calls - worthy of a play in itself - I managed to zoom to Knowle and meet up with TLPA and Caroline (Lucy) who were back at the wonderful Ivory Tower for the fitting of our Bridesmaid's dress.

TLPA and Caroline Contemplate Their Credit Cards

Because the dresses Lisa had in stock last week wouldn't fit Caroline's petite figure, she had very kindly sourced three more for us. I was a bit late but when I was let into the fitting room - it was quite a sight.

With TLPA having concocted our colour scheme we thought the choice would be easy, but when Caroline tried on a second dress, complete with sparkles, it was tempting to go for this instead and colour scheme be damned!

Again, we're not going to show the dress we did choose on here, nor even reveal the colour, but Ivory Tower has done it again! Not only is the dress stunning in its own right, but it also matches the style of the Bride's dress which is a nice touch.

Things are happening so quickly now that it's difficult to take a moment and really appreciate what Ivory Tower has given us - two stylish, modern, valuable, beautiful dresses. I hope our gratitude comes across.

It's just going to be brilliant. When Becky (Caroline) and Caroline take their places on the stage for the first time each evening - nothing less than gasps all round will do!

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