Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Stags and Hens

Well, I can hardly believe it! In less than three weeks time our Daniel will be married to the lovely Caroline. I seem to be unable to shake the smile from my face at the very thought of it.

Of course there's still so much to do, what with the pre-wedding supper to plan and Caroline's hen party next weekend at the spa. I have to admit to being quite intrigued by the whole thing having never treated myself to such indulgence before. Caroline suggested I try the seafood scrub (or maybe it was seaweed) but I think I may stick to something more traditional like a nice facial or perhaps a manicure.

Daniel returned safely from his stag party this weekend - much to my relief! He ended up being taken to Amsterdam by Chris and some old friends. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam myself - take a cycle ride along the canals, visit Anne Frank's house, and I hear there's a marvelous tulip garden at a place called Keukenhoff quite close by. I did ask Daniel if he'd managed to see any of the tulips but he said there was plenty of blossom in the city itself.

However, he did recommend some cake he found and has suggested we use the recipe in the wedding cake.

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