Friday, 8 June 2007

Time to Shine

After meeting Ivory Tower yesterday, TLPA and I popped around the corner to meet Anna Clifton who will be providing her unique, handmade jewellery for our Bride and Bridesmaid.

With such a dazzling array to choose from, it wasn't easy, and considerations about the characters' styles and how Becky will be having her hair only added to the difficulty of choosing from the pretty selection which Anna presented to us.

However, when Anna produced a veil and invited TLPA to try a particular tiara on, the excited shriek of delight which emerged as she saw herself in the mirror meant we'd found the one(!) Actually, we'd found two, as in a very nice touch, the Bride and Bridesmaid's tiaras, whilst not being exactly the same, will be of a matching design.

We then discussed earrings and necklaces, and, somewhat unexpectedly, picked out a couple of pieces for the characters Sue and Anna to wear too. Again, these will match the style of the girls' tiaras, and Anna's necklace features prominently in quite a significant scene, so it will be great for such unique jewellery to share the spotlight here.

Anna is going to very kindly customise a couple of pieces for us to make everything just right, so we're extremely grateful for her support and excited about how her jewellery will help make everything shine and be that extra bit special.

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