Thursday, 7 June 2007

(Wedding) Dress Rehearsal

Today has been something of a red letter day for many aspects of H&M's pre-production. That's because the dresses will determine the colour-scheme of our entire wedding. In addition, our Bride and Bridesmaid have been getting very excited about their trip to Knowle and Ivory Tower...

Caroline and Becky with Lisa from Ivory Tower

Rather than trying on loads of dresses, Ivory Tower's owner Lisa Bryan had a quick look at Becky, our Bride, and from a particularly impressive pair of racks, immediately picked out something that would match her figure and character, as well as the modern tone of the play.

The ladies soon vanished into the fitting room, and when Becky appeared we all knew that Lisa had selected the perfect dress for us. Thankfully, TLPA didn't burst into tears, but we were all delighted - and even a little bit proud. A veil and tiara added a lovely couple of extra touches as Becky stood happily, gaining admiration both from us and from several passers-by who looked into the boutique excitedly.

I'm not going to post any pictures because, just like the dress for a real wedding, we want to save that as a surprise for the big day (or rather, the big four nights) but, for the record, it is from the latest Catherine Jane collection. Wow.

When it came to Caroline's turn, we unfortunately discovered that she was a bit too petite for the Bridesmaid's dresses which Ivory Tower had in stock. Still, she tried a few different dresses on which enabled us to gather a few ideas about what we could go for, and I don't think she was too disappointed about having to go back sometime soon(!)

We're so grateful to Ivory Tower for their time today and treating Becky and Caroline as if they were a real Bride and Bridesmaid.

Thank you!

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wide-eyed said...

I'm not sure you should mention 'a particularly impressive pair of racks' in relation to two young women, Matthew.