Saturday, 7 July 2007

Bed & Breakfast

After the false start yesterday, Lee Longlands delivered on their promise of sorting everything, and delivered a brand new double bed, first thing this morning.

Beddy, Set, Go!

With the kind understanding of the Crescent Youth Theatre - who let the chaps beaver away in a corner of the Studio which they had booked - things were resolved quite quickly, and the sleek solid pine bed was constructed for us with no fuss whatsoever, whilst yesterday's 'slat-less' bed was taken away. And it looks great! The level of attention and kindness we have received from Lee Longlands has been tremendous - especially as we approached them so late in the day.

Even after winning through to the final round of a national Stand-Up Comedy competition on Thursday, Roger (Jack) since found time to do a little construction for us - adding wheels to a settee that gets moved a few times, and also adding a touch of sparkle to one of the show's many surprises. It was great to see both items ready and waiting for me today as well.

(I'd tell you more about the competition but Roger is being typically modest!)

With me in charge at the theatre, TLPA went to Ivory Tower to pick up the Bride's and Bridesmaid's dresses. Everything was waiting for her, and all the alterations had been made precisely as promised. Lisa has taken such good care of us and been really enthusiastic about her involvement in H&M - meaning that TLPA not only left with a pair of gorgeous gowns, but also with a flurry of 'Good Luck' wishes...

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