Monday, 9 July 2007

Dressing for Successing

Today is all about dressing the set - adding all the little extras that will turn ordinary tables into the tables you find at a wedding reception. Thankfully, Juliette and Confetti are on hand to do just that.

Indeed, this very blog entry comes from the Studio where H&M opens tomorrow - and as I type, Juliette and TLPA are fiddling with ribbons. Marvellous.

Turning the Tables

It had always been the intention to set up the seats in a cabaret style, and our Stage Manager had done this for us by time that we arrived along with loads of blue boxes from Confetti stuffed with ribbons, feathers, napkins and, well, y'know, all that kind of stuff.

However, we've been victims of our own success, and with 100 seats crammed in, to have circles of people around the four guest tables was obstructing sightlines to such a degree that the layout has now changed a bit.

But, thankfully, the change actually works for the better in that it will give more people access to the favours which will be on the tables. Sightlines are now far more democratic, and there's a little more legroom for those in the corners.

Time for lunch...

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