Monday, 16 July 2007

Glad To Know You

Hi, folks! This would have been my last night speech...

Well,hasn't this been fun? And didn't we do well? And all thanks to Matt for writing the very entertaining and popular H&M.

What a pity we only had a short run. But, what a run! Four nights in which we sold every seat and, in so doing, made a lot of people very happy! As Mister Punch is famous for saying, "That's the way to do it!" And, once the word had got around, who knows how many more nights we could have sold out. But, who's complaining? No one should, really! 100%! That is - One Hundred Per Cent!!! You really can't do better than that! Let's hope a lot more people now know about the Crescent.

So, well done Matt! Well done, TLPA! TLPA, who having done far more than any other PA in the world would be expected to do before and during the show, was still hard at it immediately after the show! Three cheers for TLPA! Let's hear it!

Hip! Hip! Hoo-ray! Hip! Hip! Hoo-ray! Hip! Hip! Hoo-ray!

This venture, for me, has been an exciting one from start to finish. From the first read-through, when the excitement in the room was already abnormally high, through to the last night when we did, what I think was, our best performance. In between all of that was the evening when, casually strolling up to the theatre for rehearsals for some other project that I was engaged upon, I was suddenly accosted by two very excited people. These two, of course, turned out to be none other than TLPA and Matt, who very urgently asked me to be in their play.

Naturally, I said, "Okay" - to which Matt replied, "What does that mean?" Looking at him I thought to myself, "I shouldn't really say I want to be in a play that's written by a man who doesn't understand plain English."

Since when, eagerly logging onto the marvellous blog every day, he has had me reaching for words that are only orbiting around the periphery of my very limited vocabulary. "Imbroglio" - I thought that that was a creamed rice pudding!

So, now it's all ended. H&M has been put to the test, passed triumphantly, victoriously and the script is now destined to reside on a shelf somewhere, gathering dust, until someone, somewhere decides to do something more with it. What a pity!

Matt told me last night (Thursday) that Edinburgh is not an option - prompting the thought, "Oh, no! I would have been well up for that!"

I hope my fellow cast members have had as good a time as I (Is that right, Les?). It has been a great pleasure meeting you and getting to know you all. Thanks to everyone, in front of, and back of the scenes, for being there. Didn't we have a lot of fun? Didn't we do well?

That's the way to do it!


x x x x

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