Saturday, 14 July 2007

I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself!!!

My God!!!!!!!!

You don't realise how much a production takes over your life. I have only been awake for three hours and already I'm bored!!!!

This is the thing I hate about drama and acting, the show has to come to end, and I always feel so depressed when it does. However, we had a good run and we all did ourselves proud!!!

Well done again to Matt for giving birth to such a brilliant play. I was so happy to be involved with it, and I thought that the rest of the cast were phenomenal!!!

I just hope that this isn't the last of Hearts and Minds.

I am just so glad that H & M was my first Crescent Adult Theatre Production and I thoroughly enjoyed acting with such brilliant people.

Please keep in touch, my email address is:

Well done again to everyone and good luck with any future productions that you are in. You never know, I may see you behind the bar!!!

Lots of Love



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