Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Opening Night

With all the jobs done and everything ready, TLPA arrived in her stunning outfit accompanied by the beautiful fresh flowers from Lili Floral Art. At about the same time, we took delivery of the photographs from the Dress Rehearsal and I look forward to sharing them on here soon. Then it was time to shave for the first time in five days, stick on my suit and button-hole and enter the fray...

A Full House

I was so heartened to see people who had also dressed up (including House Manager Dave), and when The Big Groove started up in the bar, the sense of occasion was complete.

But I was lost. I didn't really know where to go or what to do and although all the jobs had been done, I found myself running around the theatre again - double, triple checking everything.

The Big Groove Groove

Soon, the sold-out Studio started filling up, and TLPA and I took our places in the gallery. It wasn't long until the lights faded and we were off...

Throughout the next two-and-a-bit hours, I was scared, relaxed, nervous, content, frustrated, delirious, angry, ecstatic, worried, confident - proud. Everything! There were times when I wanted to reach out and move something, and at other times I was so engrossed in the stories and performances that I felt that even I had no idea about what might happen next(!)

Taking Their Seats

The audience's reaction was the big unknown - this was, after all, the first ever public performance of our little play.

The oddest thing - and this is something I've experienced when I've been in other shows - is that there were lots of occasions when the audience laughed in different places than we had expected. Some of my favourite lines didn't even raise a titter, whereas other seemingly-innocuous lines brought out the guffaws.

We were a little remote, watching from high up there, and I couldn't feel the rapport in the same way one can from the stage. So, throughout, I could never quite tell if people were watching the show or watching the clock.

But the validation came right at the end when the audience clapped along to the show's closing number.

There were a few problems - and those that were know about the rather obvious one(!) - but we got there. After the months of rewrites, the effort and cost of marketing, the organisation, the rehearsals - we did it.

We did it...

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