Sunday, 1 July 2007

Rehearsal Report 18

Bloody hell, that was difficult.

More Bad News?

With three of the cast missing, today was always going to be tough, but it wasn't helped by arriving to find The Simone School of Dance had claimed the Rehearsal Room and weren't happy about giving it up.

Then, after the elation of blagging a bed yesterday, our Stage Manager regretfully took us to the Studio and showed us how there just won't be any space for a Double. TLPA and I are determined to give it a go, but accept we may have to relent and will trust Ian's judgement on this.

A photographer was supposed to be on his the way, and I was expecting him to call and ask for instructions as arranged. But then my mobile decided to die. TLPA made some frantic phone calls via the workbound KateD and resolved this (or so we thought), but it wasn't until almost half-an-hour past our intended start time that we eventually began.

Double-bookings are never fun to resolve, so after a false start, Team H&M gave way to the theatre's guests and eventually retreated to the Bar - albeit without props. But with the entire Crescent seemingly being taken over by infant starlets, parents and chaperones, it was very noisy. Add to that the overloud tannoy announcements from Simone's effete Stage Manager and inopportune honks from passing canal barges, I looked for a hole to crawl into but could only find a tube of Pringles for solace.

Then the photographer cancelled.


Despite all that, there were some lovely moments. Whilst the compromises meant that, overall, we stepped back a little from the high standard we'd set on Thursday, there was plenty to enjoy - a few brand new elements appeared and some old elements were done better than ever before.

So, this was the worst rehearsal we've had in terms of logistics. But we were due some bad luck at some point - and if this it it, then we'll have got off pretty lightly overall. In terms of creativity, things were fine - and indeed brilliant in parts.

There's still some hard work to do, but we'll have more of those brilliant parts tomorrow please...!

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