Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Rehearsal Report 19

Nothing to worry about! Yesterday was a pain in the arse, but, as I believe has often been said before, what a difference a day makes...

Photographing the Photographer

We were in the bar tonight, but thankfully not interrupted, and with an almost-complete Team H&M, gave another full runthrough a good go.

Following a false start after trying something for the first time (to describe it further would spoil one of the show's many surprises) the session started off very well, and I was quickly reassured that everything is back on track to deliver a brilliant show in just over a week from now - despite the CD player refusing to behave and my inadequacy in covering for Jack (The Waiter).

There were very few prompts all night - even from those with the bigger parts - and this allowed greater characterisation and confidence to come forth. And to think this will continue to happen is even better news...

Many times I found myself just enjoying things rather than taking notes, so when it came to time to give them, a few of the cast were on the end of whatever I happened to spot when it occurred to me that I hadn't written anything down for several minutes. Sorry about that(!)

Significantly, tonight offered something different as photographer Ed Shaw very kindly joined us. I've been a big fan of his work for several years now and when we realised that KateD is a friend of his, I was quickly on the scrounge again(!)

A few of the cast became a little self-conscious when the flashlight started going, and a couple of the ladies headed to their handbags in order to touch up their make-up, but a most of the team seemed to enjoy the extra attention...!

I'm dead chuffed and we're really thankful to Ed whose shots will help immensely in our final marketing push this week. I've had a quick look at the prelims and can't wait to get the final images out there and up on here tomorrow...

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