Friday, 6 July 2007

Rehearsal Report 20

With the Crescent still overrun by baby ballerinas, the Team H&M charabanc headed to Quinton last night and the drama studio at The Four Dwellings High School.

The Drama Studio at The Four Dwellings High School

Our excursion was very kindly organised by Head of Drama, Big Groove singer and Team H&M associate member Hugh Blackwood - who not only sorted the room (for no charge), but also set up a lighting rig and laid on some tea and cakes for us! It was a great space - arguably better that the theatre's own rehearsal room - and I wonder if the Crescent could take advantage of it in the future, even if it's only when space gets tight again.

Hugh Blackwood

Due to time constraints, we ran things from Act 1 Scene 5 (the first four scenes have been going well for the last couple of weeks). And the cast really need an audience now. There were little faults here and there, but nothing to worry about, and only a couple of prompts were taken all night.

Again it was fun, but when news filtered through that a fire alarm had gone off at the Crescent and the building had been evacuated, I got a little distracted. Thankfully, we soon heard that the alarm had been set off by the show on the main stage which had simply used an over-enthusiastic smoke effect.

The real hard work starts now.

Today, TLPA and I will be running around gathering the dresses and various bits and bobs from our kind supporters - I have no idea where we'll put everything(!) And Sunday is going to be a long day, heralding in our 'Tech' and a brace of runthroughs.

I'd try and get some early nights in - if only the mounting nerves would abate and let me get some sleep...


After the rehearsal, several of us headed to a nearby pub for a pint and debrief (ie. to gossip). However, after I had ordered a couple of drinks, our younger cast members were challenged for ID. And although it was forthcoming, service was still refused. Apparently, it doesn't matter if you can prove you're 18, you actually have to look 21.

Our 27 year-old bride was no doubt flattered by the challenge but Sir Les - a patron there of some 20 years - was rightly annoyed, and when his gallant attempts to reassure the pub manager about our colleagues' credentials failed, he quickly ushered us all out.

I didn't stop to ask if they would display a poster...

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