Sunday, 8 July 2007

Rehearsal Report 21

It's been another long day, but a very productive one. It started with TLPA and I dropping off the display flowers which had been provided by Lili Floral Art and then, completely unexpectedly, having to clean the dressing room. Tsk.

When Team H&M arrived, there was a palpable sense of excitement. Looking at the quickly-dwindling counter at the top of this page mostly explains why of course, but everyone was delighted to see the flowers. And the ladies especially were keen to inspect the jewellery so kindly crafted for us by Anna Clifton.

The Jewellery Box

With a long day ahead, I was keen to generate plenty of energy right from the off, so rather than go through the play again as per normal, we did a 'Speed Run' - the purpose of which was to cement lines and create the fun and momentum which would see us through a day which threatened to be difficult as well as intense. Indeed, lines were delivered both at light speed and confidently - and it was a giggle too.

Where's Willy?

There wasn't very much for me to do except clear up afterwards, and as I collected the last of the props from the Rehearsal Room I felt a subtle sense of sadness. This space has been where Team H&M has spent most of its time over the last seven weeks. It has become home to a lot of laughs, a load of memories and a great amount of good, hard work.

Having finished quickly and positively, there was plenty of time for a relaxing lunch in the sun before we stepped back into the awaiting horror that is a Tech...

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