Monday, 9 July 2007

Rehearsal Report 22

So tonight we had the Dress Rehearsal - and having now left, I'm left with nothing left to say.

(Apart from...)

Ryan and Ross Keep on Truckin'

The day's hard work all proved worthwhile when members of Team H&M started to arrive and were thrilled with how the Studio has been set up. Hopefully the guests - sorry, the audience - will feel the same.

There was still quite a bit to do but I was particularly thrilled that we'll be able to realise one of my more ambitious requests which neither I nor our Stage Manager were sure about until the very last minute.

To be honest, I tried to stay out of the way as best I could. But with props missing, costumes to be put on and lots of other little jobs, it wasn't long until I had joined in and was running around and trying to help.

Raity and Wedding

After a few notes, we eventually got into performance mode and treated the evening like a real show - albeit without an audience. Saying that, the Crescent's photographer Paul was in attendance as was Andrew.

Unlike all the previous rehearsal reports, I'm not going to describe what went on - you'll be able to see for yourself from tomorrow.

Afterwards, and following my notes, I had to hand-over the show to Ian. In effect, I stepped away from Team H&M - the show doesn't belong to me now, it is theirs.

And yours.


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