Friday, 6 July 2007

The Right Side of the Wrong Bed

If I ever write another play, it'll involve a teapot. And nothing else....

So TLPA headed into town to pick up the bed Lee Longlands were going to have ready for us. After a small delay, we were presented with a gorgeous, sleek, black leather number. The chaps very kindly carried the parts of the frame, the boxes of slats and the mattress the 200 metres-or-so to the theatre. And then, they began to hesitate...

The Wrong Bed Re-enacts Loveplay

Inspecting the slats, it soon became apparent that they were the wrong ones. A few quick phone calls back to base, and an alternate arrangement was made - with two 'boards of slats' quickly despatched in their stead (stead, geddit?). Keen to prove that these were correct, the chaps started to construct the frame. But, alas, this only disproved our theory - they were wrong too.

This had all taken quite a bit of time, and TLPA and I had to get to an appointment at Lili Floral Art and Paper Jewels. So, we tidied up the Studio and left to reassurances that the bed would be sorted for us.

Indeed, manager Steve phoned us soon after we had left. But just as he was about to reiterate that he would deal with it - TLPA's phone died.

An argument between TLPA and I later - Do we really need a bed? Yes, we really need a bed! - and we were off to Tardebigge along with TLPA's dog, (H&M = Hounds & Mutts?) and the love of the Baby Jesus.

Flowers by Lili Floral Art

Wow. Everything was waiting for us. It was exactly as we'd planned, but even better than we'd hoped for! And in addition to the flowers that will help dress the set, we'll be going back to pick up fresh flowers before each show.

It has been a delight to have been treated so well by Alison, David and Kelly - and we really hope the show lives up to the support they have shown us...

Back to Lee Longlands, and they couldn't have been more helpful or apologetic. Indeed, it is testimony to them and their kindness that as much effort as they've gone to for us already, they're going to keep going until they get things sorted.

Maybe tomorrow...

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