Thursday, 12 July 2007

Second Night

I wasn't nervous at all last night. And whilst I'd spent the opening night like an imminent father outside a hospital delivery room, TLPA and I took things easy and had plenty of time to relax before the audience - all 100 of them - started to arrive.

Amongst them were a few old friends who'd travelled a long way, and no less than ten established Crescent directors. Eek! A nice touch, aside from those who had again dressed up as if going to a real wedding, was that people enjoyed using the free bubbles for the first time(!)

Wedding Guests Travelled From All Over

Things were generally a little bit better overall, which is saying something considering the excellent start the cast got off to on Tuesday.

Ryan had been hard at work in order to redintegrate the opening night's set imbroglio, but the lighting control desk decided to automate itself at one point - fading Roger (Jack) and Zena (Sue) into an unexpected but temporary darkness mid-scene.

Ian Manages the Stage

I found myself completely engrossed on many occasions, only being snapped back into an awareness of my surroundings when I heard our Stage Manager Ian whisper instructions to Ryan on lights and Andy on sound.

I enjoyed it - a lot.

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