Sunday, 8 July 2007

Teching Our Time

Technical Rehearsals are famed for going into the small hours, causing volcanic arguments and being necessary but depressing affairs. Myriad potential conflicts are ignited when creativity becomes anchored and visions become tangible. One has to trade the perfection of the imagination - for things that can go wrong.

But ours went pretty well - no doubt due to the hard work of Joe and his team on lights, our sound guy Andy and the seemingly intense preparation that our Stage Manager Ian had done.


Rather than making decisions about what to light or when and how music should be played, today was about fine tuning specifications which I'd already laid down, clearing up any ambiguity and, quite literally, making sure it all worked.

In addition, Gill was eagerly running around and taking notes to ensure that the props will all be proper and correct.

And it was great to see everyone in costume for the first time. Of course, our pulchritudinous pair, Bride Becky (Caroline) and Bridesmaid Caroline (Lucy), looked quite beautiful in their dresses from Ivory Tower.

But everyone looked great - as if they were at a wedding, in fact(!)

In Costume, Intense

As we progressed through the afternoon, we made a couple of tweaks to positions due to things being set a bit 'off-centre' - thanks to the very long high table - but all the changes in lights and sound worked correctly after just a few attempts.

Whilst I've been dead set on Bellowhead's music and the way it's being used for a while now, I've been winging it in terms of the lights. But despite having no technical background or experience, I didn't just want to flood the stage and let them get on with it. The lighting is not particularly ambitious, but there are a few ideas in there which I hope come off. Ideally, I hope the audience will simply not notice the lights - which will mean I've done okay.

No-one seemed to mind going over several things time and time again, and Team H&M's concentration and enthusiasm remained in place all day - for which I'm extremely grateful. We were done in a rather painless five hours and H&M is now looking and sounding good for the week ahead...

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