Saturday, 7 July 2007

Thursday Night Sold Out!

The third of our four nights has now sold out.

Saying that, due to cancellations since first reported (Bah!) there are now seats which have become available for the opening night and the last night. Specifically, at the time of writing, there is one free for each of them(!)

With this news - and assuming that those spares for Tuesday and Friday get snapped up - several members of Team H&M have started asking about whether we'll complete the set and sell out the Wednesday too.

But it's crazy to be even thinking about that possibility. When H&M and FourPlay were first discussed, it was just going to be a Members-Only event on a Sunday and Monday. It was going to be a series of rehearsed readings. But a real buzz has emerged - as evidenced by the support, enthusiasm and audiences which Lunch, Apollo and Loveplay have enjoyed during the season's first week.

And for us to sell so well is ace - especially considering we're on about a brand new play by a plonker like me.

See you Wednesday?


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