Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Top Man

Having stopped at home merely to update this very blog, I was quickly back at the Crescent to return the props which we had used on Thursday at The Four Dwellings High School. And on the way out, I once again met the theatre's House Manager Paul - who is sick of the sight of me.

Paul Fights the Giggles

Being in charge of the Box Office, TLPA and I have been constantly pestering him for updates on tickets sales at least ten times a day, every day for the last two months (currently just over 350).

And we've also incurred his wrath by leaving flyers everywhere and sticking posters on every available surface.

Quite frankly, he hates us. Admittedly, with just cause.

But it was a delight to share a special moment together on my way out, when he called back an eager punter who had left a message about buying H&M tickets for the sold-out Tuesday.

Offering tickets for the Wednesday instead, an impeccable telephone manner meant the deal was made with no problems.

Hopefully Team H&M haven't caused Paul too much trouble over the last few weeks - and hopefully Paul knows how much we all appreciate all of his help.

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