Thursday, 19 July 2007

Top of the Bill

I am delighted to report that we have today been offered top billing at the Little Theatre Guild's New Play Seminar in Welwyn Garden City on 15th September.

A group of 100 independent theatres from across the country, the LTG aims to share knowledge and promote what's best about them.

I love the idea of other theatres taking H&M on and staging their own virtual weddings. It was great to see so many audience members dressing up, and the sense of occasion our supporters helped create seemed to generate a buzz that other groups could easily enjoy.

Rather than the whole play, we have been invited to perform an extract of about half-an-hour which will give those gathered from around the country a taste of the play and what The Crescent is capable of producing. Ideally, I'd like to showcase the pivotal scene where Dan says "I don't!" as it not only forms the crux of the play but also involves the entire cast.

I'm not sure what kind of space we'll have available, so goodness knows what we'll do about costumes, props and pyros(!) - but for now I'm more worried about reassembling Team H&M. I appreciate some will have moved on to other projects but hopefully we can all come back together for what should be a fun day out and further chance to gain some recognition.

So just as things had started to settle down, the H&M charabanc is due to get back on the road again soon...

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