Thursday, 16 August 2007

Barn Bound

I have just received a copy of the information pack that is being sent out to the 100-or-so delegates attending the forthcoming Little Theatre Guild New Writing Seminar where Team H&M will be at the Barn Theatre to perform an extract from the play.

The Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City

We're in some very esteemed company with, amongst others, groups from Questors and the Richmond Shakespeare Society - whose "All-Seeing Eye" was judged as the best entry in the Roy Purdue Playwriting Festival in March - also in attendance. In all, nine pieces will be performed or read, and we're the last in a day that starts at 9.30am.

Whilst almost everyone is back on board - for which I am hugely thankful - sadly, Team H&M is down two members, with TLPA and Roger unable to make the day. This means we need a new Jack to come on board, and the call has gone out to Crescent members via the theatre's monthly newsletter which is hitting letterboxes today.

So, I'm hopeful someone will respond soon and join us for an event which offers the chance to promote the theatre on a national level.

My thoughts are also turning to how we're actually going to stage our excerpt. Whilst we won't be able to enjoy the same production values as the original run - especially in terms of costumes - I still hope to add a subtle sense of occasion.

Even though it's only a little one - this is still a wedding after all(!)

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