Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Fat Lady Sings Again!

Back in April I blogged about what I then considered the final script. Since then, we got a cast together, rehearsed and performed the show. This has allowed me to revisit the script and make a few changes, both in terms of adding things which emerged through rehearsal and with regards to getting rid of some jokes which four full houses revealed weren't actually as funny as the voices in my head would have had me believe.

Two notable casualties are the lines "I'm going to kick that indie witch in the tits" (sorry, Georgie) and a rather brilliant joke which I will at least preserve here...

CHRIS: Wheat intolerance? I dunno about that, but I've got no time whatsoever for barley!

Boom-tish! Ahem.

I will soon start to tout this final final script around to literary agents and potential publishers, and my newly-acquired copy of the Writer's Handbook 2008 will help with that. This isn't an egotistical attempt at world domination, but with such a commercial and popular success, it would seem sensible to send a few copies off.

In addition, I'm also going to publish it myself and make it available here soon - which should at least prove useful for my own Christmas shopping...

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