Thursday, 2 August 2007

Post-Production Meeting

It's been a while. How are you?

Tonight, those involved in bringing it together attended the post-production meeting for not just H&M but FourPlay overall. A lot of unrelated stuff has happened since the show's last night, but bringing it back into focus made me a little emotional.

The purpose of the meeting was to find out what went right and what went wrong. As this blog testifies, there is very little that went wrong for us and we (as you will no doubt know by now) sold out all four nights and gave lots of people a lot of fun.

Despite that, however, I was shocked to hear that, combined, the four plays failed to reach their sales target - albeit by just a couple of hundred pounds.

Having directed for the first time, the idea of getting feedback from audience members and the Crescent's more-experienced directors was mooted, but my learning was through doing, not detached analysis. To this end, we were asked about a next time - whether we would direct again. My answer was non-committal as, in truth, it is the writing that appeals more than the directing.

It seems there will be more FourPlay next year so I'm glad we set a worthwhile precedent and I hope there will be plenty of people who will see what we achieved and be inspired to have a go and continue the buzz.

Finally, I was pleased to be assured about the Crescent's support of our invite to the LTG Showcase in September, so that should be good and reinforces the notion that things aren't quite over yet.

However, not all of Team H&M will be able to make it, and the chance to say the immortal words "raving" and "quinner" awaits some lucky person...

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