Monday, 10 September 2007

Back in Pink & Black

Tonight, KateD and I went to the Crescent ahead of tomorrow's first get-together before the impending LTG New Writing Showcase this coming Saturday. With loads of help from Chairman Andrew, we soon readied as many of the costumes as we could.

Dresses to Impress

It's odd thinking of getting back together again, although circumstances mean that two people from the original team will be missing for our jaunt on Saturday. That's a little bit of a shame, but the positive side of that is we'll be welcoming the esteemed Tom Moody on board HMS H&M.

[Eagle-eyed readers of this blog will have seen him already here, with Tom having joined myself and Zena to throw sardines around last year.]

Even though we'll only be doing two scenes in our allotted half-and-hour, staging this is already starting to feel like a production in itself, albeit a small one. There are props and sound effects to sort, and the remaining costumes - significantly we won't have Ivory Tower's wonderful Bride's and Bridesmaid's dresses this time around. In addition, we'll be learning to do things in new ways as the set-up at The Barn Theatre will be completely different.

Those who know me will attest that although H&M finished nearly two months ago, I have continued to bore them with memories about the wonderful people who made it and who are never far from my thoughts.

It will be good to see them again.

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