Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Blogging the Drum

Went to The Drum Theatre last night where Script, the West Midlands agency for dramatic writers, were conducting a seminar about how they can help people with their creative writing.

Sadly, The Very Big Telly Wouldn't Fit in my Bag

Predominantly, the evening covered screen, and to that end we watched three short, very well-produced films - including the award-winning "Cathy and I" - which had been written and developed with Script's help. Their writers were in attendance and after we'd watched their work, each talked us through the process they'd gone through to bring their ideas to the very big telly that sat amongst a collection of iMacs.

More beneficial for me though was meeting Script supremo Peggy Paterson. We had a quick chat about what next for H&M and she was very pleased to hear of Samuel French's interest, confirming that they usually don't look at scripts which have only been produced by amateur companies.

Having been brought to the stage, H&M is past the point where Script can help, but this may be the route to go through next time.

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