Monday, 24 September 2007

From CD to Stage

One of the most successful elements of our debut production of H&M was the music which was provided by Bellowhead and haunted the various scenes throughout the play. Last night, KateD and I had the chance to catch them live in Wolverhampton during their current tour.

Hopkinson's Favourite for Real

The gig was great - their unusual rampant, eclectic sound running riot through our ears - and afterwards I got to say "Thanks" to the band's manager with whom I'd been in contact during H&M when he expressed his support and even got us featured us on the band's Home Page.

With most of their "Burlesque" album being featured, there were many occasions when a melody or refrain provoked a memory and a smile from the show which used extracts from almost all of its tracks. But the highlight of the night came from the fact that the songs chosen to finish the main set and then at the very end of the show - "Fire Marengo" and "Frog's Legs & Dragon's Teeth" - were the same two songs I had chosen to end Act One and Act Two of H&M.

A big, familiar finish - and a great sense of affirmation...

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