Thursday, 13 September 2007

LTG Seminar Rehearsal 2

We finished preparations for our imminent jaunt to Welwyn Garden City tonight, and despite being a bit short on numbers, things went well in the Committee Room. I introduced a new element to what we'll be doing which will showcase a different aspect of the script and a lovely bit of of Louis' performance as Chris.

The H&M Committee

We had cake, strawberries and TEBSLPA (The Erstwhile But Still Lovely Production Assistant Producer) even popped in to say "Hello".

This and Tuesday's rehearsal have been as much about logistics as they have about refreshing everyone's memories and allowing Tom to acclimatise. Despite only doing a couple of scenes, there's been lots to gather, and plenty more to do tomorrow. We've also had to sort out lifts and who is bringing what - and, more importantly, who.

I'm a little worried about space in my car. With KateD, costumes, props, and the elements of scenery that Confetti are so kindly providing, it will be a squeeze. But despite not really knowing what to expect, I'm sure this and the work will be worth it.

We could have gone into this half-heartedly, but that's not Team H&M's style. The cast are going to be great, we're going to have fun and provide a fitting end to what I hope will be a good day...

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