Wednesday, 12 September 2007

LTG Seminar Rehearsal 1

So tonight, after buying the wrong batteries, I headed back to The Crescent Theatre and once more found myself preparing things in the Rehearsal Room ahead of Team H&M's imminent reunion.

I've popped in a couple of times since FourPlay ended, and - quite rightly - things have moved on in anticipation of the theatre's new season (its 75th) which starts next Saturday. Our posters and flyers have gone and my key fob doesn't work anymore.

But for some of us, H&M isn't over quite yet...

Tom Takes Centre Stage

The cast gradually reconvened and were introduced to our new addition. It was great to see everybody.

[In a wonderful example of serendipity, Tom later recounted how he had accidentally met Caroline (Lucy) earlier in the day. Sat nearby on a bus, he overheard her telling a friend about being in a play in Welwyn Garden City on Saturday - which caused him to wave his script at her and prompted Caroline to become a little confused(!) He was obviously destined to come in and help us out...]

We soon kicked things off and there was an air of bravado as we ran through a couple of scenes again. All nervousness had gone - having a sell-out show will do that - and I was impressed by how well everybody had remembered their lines.

After a couple of runs, attention turned to costumes and logistics. The theatre's own selection of wedding dresses eventually revealed a suitable outfit (thank goodness!) and we designated our drivers for Saturday.

It became apparent that a few subtle things in the script won't work because of the edited-down nature that the New Writing Seminar demands, but I'm sure there's enough to demonstrate the theatre's and the script's capabilities.

It was nice - but over far too quickly. It's an unexpected reprise for a great two weeks and I hope to make the most of being back with everyone again over the next few days.

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