Tuesday, 13 November 2007

French Letter

It's been a while (so long that since the last post, in that time, TLPA has even given up smoking!), and thoughts have largely moved away from H&M. The Crescent's new season is in full swing and I'm in rehearsals for the ever-popular Wassail.

In addition, I'm also researching a play I hope to propose as part of the theatre's 2008/2009 season. That sounds a long way off(!) but these decisions start being made in January, just two months away.

Despite all that, a couple of things have happened recently to prompt me into accessing my PC's H&M folder again.

The first is that Samuel French replied after having written a while back to say they would be assessing the play. Predictably, they declined to take the play on - citing its sexual frankness as having limited appeal for Amateur companies - but complimented it as an amusing and well-written piece.

Secondly, the Crescent released its Annual Report last week, and it shows H&M in top position in terms of Studio Box Office performance. A nice little pat on the back and evidence of the wide commercial appeal that I maintain the show has...

So, with a box still half-full of A4 jiffy bags, the printer is back on overtime and some freshly-inked copies (with the barley joke put back in at TLPA's behest) will be going elsewhere. I have vowed to not give up on finding if there is life in this play until all those padded envelopes have gone!

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