Monday, 24 December 2007

Royal Mail

Received a letter from the Royal Court this morning, after having sent the script off only last month. Praising the script as "irreverent and charming", it also highlights the unoriginality of the setting, which is a fair criticism - especially coming from a theatre renowned for seeking to break theatrical barriers.

By Royal Disappointment

With letters like this expected to be the norm until that box of A4 jiffy bags is empty, it will be nevertheless important to stay positive enough to keep sending scripts out. I'm not expecting anything to happen (and am proud of what we did achieve), but it at least seems sensible to try.

But things have moved on since H&M's Summer run, and even I have been busy being evocative in another show during the last three months - which has sated my theatrical appetite somewhat.

This blog is almost a year old and the sunny, funny evenings of July have now given way to frosty pavements and mulled wine. But as my energy towards H&M settles, so too is an impetus to write burgeoning again. One should take heart from letters such as this from the Royal Court - even though they reveal that H&M is not the greatest play ever written.

That'll be my next one...


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