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(He)Arts and Minds is a special Yellow House project open to everyone to help us through the lockdown period and come out even better than when we started!


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The project will guide you step by step

on how to:

Develop the most desirable skills of the future

Find your purpose and live a more fulfilled life

Overcome challenges and turn them to your advantage

Design your dream life and experience being there

Look at yourself and recognise what makes you so special

How does it work?

There will be new theme each week and 4 weeks will form a unit.

The first one is hero's journey.

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The project is like a gym for

your mind. The regular short sessions

have an amazing impact and will

help you make enormous progress.

Just spend 15 min. a day

to change your life for the better!

You are worth it!

It's up to you, how far you want

to go on this journey with us.

We will offer you the following steps:

Hero's Journey – how to make the most of life's challenges

Treasure Map – finding your special gifts and the way to your dream life

Sacred Ingredients – what makes life worth living

Magic Formula – develop your blueprint for a successful life

Dream Circle – create your life affirming team

The weekly timetable
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Inspired over a Cup of Tea

People often do the same things over and over again and expect different results. This session will challenge your perception, give you a bit of inspiration and help to see things in a new way.

People think that the faster they run the quicker they get there.This moment of mindfulness will help you to stop and reflect to make better decisions in agreement with your true self.


Mindfulness Cave

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Journey of Self-discovery

Education invests so much time in teaching work skills, but it's crucial to have a better understanding better how the mind really works. During this time, you will explore what drives your decisions, how you can make better choices and live a more fulfilled life.

The world is constantly changing and what worked in the past will be redundant in the times ahead of us. Creativity is the key to a better future and the skills you will grow through the tasks will help you develop more flexibility and resilience.


Creative Studio

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Connect & Share

Sometimes people think they have to do it all themselves. During this time, you will have the support of others, opportunity to share your experience and celebrate your achievements together.

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"I am far more fixed on my purpose now, then I’ve ever been in my life after going through the (He)Arts and Minds project. The session that has helped me do that is the Journey of Self-discovery. Looking in depth how you can use things how you can deal with responses and reactions and how you can deal with planning your dream and how you find your purpose, and this is a great place to come and find it"

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"I really enjoyed the Dream Life week, before (He)Arts and Minds I found thinking of the future as daunting but the way the sessions were broken down step by step made it a lot easier and gave me a sense of direction of where I want to go in life."

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"I really enjoyed the meditation sessions during (He)Arts and Minds, because it helps you to address your feelings and helps you start or end the day in a positive and you can use it as a reflection period which is something that a lot of us tend to ignore. Through (He)Arts and Minds, I have been able to come to terms with emotions and go actually they aren’t something to be scared of and you can address them and following that through to the creative session is a great way to express yourself, it’s almost an inner release."


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the yellow house  

Yellow House is a registered charity working daily to develop the social and emotional wellbeing of young people through creativity.

Founded by George McKane in 1986 in Liverpool, Yellow House is named after Vincent van Gogh’s House in Arles where his door was always open.

Yellow House have been at the forefront of direct work with young people throughout Merseyside, UK and Europe working on a daily basis at our own Centre and in schools, colleges and other youth agencies - as well as major theatre, art and social projects gaining local, national and international recognition for innovative work.

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